Seitseminen National Park

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The 2-days-trip to Seitseminen national park was already some time ago, but collection all the pictures took a while. I hope you will forgive me … basically you dont’t have any choice! 😉 We rented cars at the end of … Continued

A Bicycle that moves!

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Hejaaa! A friend of mine, Pascal, bough an old bicycle that i was renting out today to go to the city centre. I was a nice feeling to ride a bike which is actually moving!!! 😎 … riding the bike … Continued

Summer Days after Arrival

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Hej folks, i want to provide short words and some pictures of the first two weeks. I was pretty lucky after arriving to Tampere because i had sunny weather for the first two weeks and temperatures about 25°C. So we … Continued

Arrival in Tampere (Finland)

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Hei, guys! I survived the flight to Finland and landed softly in Tampere. During the flight i had good company since Eveliina was sitting right next to me. She was spending two exchange semesters in the University of Koblenz and … Continued

Hello again!

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… it has been a long time, but i have news for you guys! I am reactivating my blog again because there are exciting things happening in my life right now! I have gone abroad for another Erasmus semester and … Continued